Flow Pan – Gold Pan

PORTABLE GOLD PAN… with cross flow design.

The Gold Pan that takes gold panning into the next generation. Combines the panning action with a cleaning flow of a sluice. The PATENT PENDING  FLOWPAN ™ is the next generation of panning.
It could very well be the WORLD’S FASTEST GOLD PAN. Watch the videos and read the story HERE 

The only gold pan with PASS THROUGH FLOW™ technology. 

flowpan gold pan


+  Uses our patent pending FLOW THROUGH TECHNOLOGY which allows water flow of the creek or stream to assist in the cleaning and separation process.

+ The FLOWPAN™ is PORTABLE because it breaks down into 5 flat sections that can be inserted into any backpack. Simply remove the wingnuts and take it apart.

NO MORE CLASSIFYING. Rocks up to 2.5″ simply roll out the down stream side of the pan. No more reaching into cold water to remove large rocks, or spending hours and hours classifying material.

EASY TO USE. Spin and shake your dirt for 5 seconds facing down stream. Next turn the pan sideways so the stream flow can enter the pan and start to create a flow exchange.  Move the pan back and forth and in a few seconds you’re left with HEAVIES and gold in the matting.

+ Comes with pre-made GoldHog® Mats.

MADE IN THE USA – Like all our GoldHog® products.

IT’S TOUGH – made from heavy 12 gauge aluminum.


portable gold pan

Flowpan gold pan mat

flowpan with mat


World’s Fastest Gold Pan 

flowpan review