ConBox Mod for FlowPan

Pre-Orders are currently being taken for USA only. 
Ship date on these is roughly, early Sept. 

Switch over in minutes from scouting and testing, to mining. 

The ConBox…

Our HogPan (different from the FlowPan)  has been a great seller for us and works differently. It gathers ALL the heavies, gold, black sand, etc, indiscriminately.  You end up with a bucket of HEAVIES that you work through another cleanup sluice or hand pan.
However, the cost of the HEAVY aluminum used in this product has been going up and up for the past 2 years.  We have not raised the price and Doc has decided to replace it with the new FlowPan ConBox mod.

How it works? 

You REALLY need to watch the video to understand.

How to install if I already have a regular FlowPan? 

Watch the video and Doc shows you how.


conbox for flowpan


You can order the FULL PACKAGE which includes the original FlowPan and the conversion kit for $196 plus shipping.

If you have a FlowPan and just want the conversion kit, it is $94 plus shipping.

Ordering is all done at: